Are you a fan of online gaming? Do you prefer combat as opposed to racing games?  Do you find the concept of battling other players exhilarating? If so,Csgo is the perfect game for you.

Csgo is a multiplayer cross-platform first-person shooter game that was developed in 2012. It was created to run across various platforms such as Linux, Windows, OS X and Playstation 3, but as a result of the variations in frequency of updates between systems, it was limited computer versions.

It features two opposing teams; terrorists and counter terrorists. Terrorists are meant to detonate bombs and watch over the hostages and at the same time put off the counter terrorists.The counter terrorists have to eliminate or overpower all the terrorists, deactivate bombs, rescue and release the captured hostages.

The terrorists appear to have the upper hand at the start of the game as the presented mission requires the counter terrorist team to go into a volatile situation through their own means and risk falling victim to booby traps such as grenades.

However, it can be argued that the counter terrorist team has the mostintriguing experience. This encourages proper coordination between team members and ensures team work. It is even more exciting as the chances of success can be improved depending on the individuals/ team’s strategy which includes ambushing the enemy.

There have been 5 versions of this game so far. Csgo keeps improving and it appears that it is only getting better. The final one,Global Offensive, allows players to host their own servers and participate in tournaments as teams. It has been praised by critics because despite numerous changes and improvements, it not defected from the original plot and style.

Try out this exciting game and see if you can accomplish your missions. If this feels impossible at any point during the game, feel free to use the csgo hacks just to improve your odds.

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