SEO is a vast arena, for which we have professionals. But throughout my articles on SEO, I’ll be talking about basic SEO stuff that can be done by every webmaster.

Today we will discuss some basic SEO techniques that if applied wisely, can positively effect on your blog.

Basic SEO Techniques: 

Crawling and Indexing: The aim of doing SEO at any level is to increase search engine ranking. So it is mandatory to submit the sitemap to search engines and make sure your blog is properly indexed and crawled. Check for errors in your robot.txt files. If there is a mistake in the robot.txt file, then it can deny search bots from crawling your site!

Creating Quality Content: As I said earlier, SEO is not all about tags and editing’s. Your content should be the primary objective. If you’ve just started a blog, make sure you give your best-regarding quality and value to your initial contents [Don’t get me wrong]. All articles are equally important, but if you’re first few pieces are adamant enough, it will boost your blog’s performance. Google values content more than links or other stuff. So having worthy content in your blog can surely help you rank higher in Google.

Keyword Quantity and Quality: Keywords do play a vital role in creating good contents. It is always recommended that you use keywords on your blog with maximum search results and little competition. Be sure to add at-least two keywords or a search phrase in your post title. And it is recommended that you highlight your keywords as bold in the post body.

Internal Linking: Internal Linking is yet another important way to link back your articles within your blog. Primarily by inter-linking, we are trying to keep the old articles active by linking them to, the newer articles in relevant places. If you want the best from internal linking, then you need to do it tactically. Please do not that whenever you internal link your articles, never add a no-follow attribute to it.

Hope everyone got some ideas about primary SEO optimization for your blog. In our next article to come, we will discuss more Do-Follow and No-Follow tags, their significance, and usage. Additionally Singapore SEO service is the best seo provider for all medium sized blogs.

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