While several people are perfectly fine with their nails as they are, some people, especially the artsy ones and the so-called “fashionistas” love to have some color in their life, which could be expressed through their nails. As a matter of fact, some even go beyond just placing color on their nails, which is exactly the case for people who have solar nails, who place art forms and other styles which are wilder and more profound than others. The outward look of a nail polish is defined as its finish, or how it would look when it is applied. There are five of these, and below is an individual look at these.


The sheer finish is one which has a finish which has a translucent finish, and are usually characterized by nudes or pinks. These are closest to having no color as possible, and in some instances may not even be clearly visible.


The matte kind of shade is known for being dull, yet still stylish. It is a far cry from other finishes, as it does not have the shine or shimmer to it. This type, however, is not that easy to apply.


Just like the real thing, pearl finishes don’t have much sheen in them. They are shiny to some extent, but are not sparkly at all.


This is where solar nails may fall under, given that designs of acrylic have a glittery finish to them. The glitter finish is a common one among those who like to avail of solar nails.


As the name itself suggests, this is the type which is akin to real metals, like copper, silver, and gold. While this is fairly available in a lot of nail art shops, the reality is, it may not be an entirely popular finish on its own.

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