Are you planning on buying a heat press machine? Whether you use it for personal reasons or for a business, here are four tips that will guarantee you to purchase the best heat press machine.

  1. Consider your space and the size of the machine. Heat press machines have a variety of sizes from small tabletop models best suited for an enthusiast to large presses which takes up a lot of space but presses larger items. It is best to opt for the largest heat press as it means it can accommodate sizes and can expand with your business.
  2. Determine how you plan in using the heat press. There are two major types of heat press machines, the clamshell and the swing-way. The clamshell heat press is basically cheaper than the other but it is also less versatile. This type of heat press can only decorate on flat surfaces. And if you plan on decorating on something which is not flat then this type of heat press may not be suited for you. On the other hand, the swing-way heat press typically needs more floor space. This type of heat press enables you to decorate on thicker and bulkier items. It also has less risk of burns and easier loading and unloading items.
  3. Consider the physical abilities of the heat press. Heat press operator varies as well, some rely on muscle power to open and close, others are air operated, while there are also heat presses that automatically pop-up open on the set time. Manual heat press machines can be harder and more wearing to use. Especially if the operator has a small build or has less physical strength, it is wiser to invest on automatic pop-up or air operated heat press machines.
  4. Consider how long you will you be using the heat press on a daily basis. If you are planning on using the heat press less likely, invest on small tabletop heat press. But if your usage number is high on a daily basis, invest on larger machines that offers the best quality and durability but fit your budget as well.
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