The gaming industry has grown its roots into the entertainment market. Surprisingly, it has been accepted by many people and actually grossed millions of money. No one would follow anything substandard. This means the gaming industry has taken its game to the top. MovieStarPlanet is among the most popular games around the world. This game mostly played by children and young adults is the major lead in the markets. It is an online game that is can be very addictive. It allows you to live as a celebrity. It would be better if you become the most popular celebrity it is an obvious head start for you. Here are some of the major components of the game;

StarCoins; getting these major element may be very difficult. As a player, getting these coins will be dependent on the level they have they have reached. The more levels you have played the more coins you get. Another way is when you keep a pet or Boonie. In petting you are likely to get up to five StarCoins. Again the way you have maintained the pet will determine how many coins you get. There is also spinning a wheel of fortune which can land to StarCoins. Sending and getting a greeting can also be awarded with the coins. The MovieStarPlanet hack is another way you can get free StarCoins.

Diamonds; they are mostly used in getting new items like costumes. You can go for shopping with the diamonds and maybe buy animations or clothes. The more diamonds you have the more quality and exclusive stuff that will give you popularity.

VIP status; the VIP section has more developed features which makes the game more enjoyable. However you have to buy the VIP status. Paying for this status is worth as you are exposed to features not in the regular status. You can also get free StarCoins and diamonds that could not be accessed in the free status.

The game has just begun and so far it sounds interesting.

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