If you are finding a gift for your friend on his office opening ceremony then you will never get better than the print of canvas. Nowadays, it becomes more and more popular because of its attractiveness. Even, if you have a good picture idea then you can frame it by the help of experts and give it to your friend as a gift. Photos on canvas printing look very eye-catching and this is the main reason why people spend money on it. When a sweet memory hangs on the wall, then it looks beautiful. Now I am going to share some beneficial accepts related to canvas printings in upcoming paragraphs.

What is canvas print and why it becoming the first preference of people?  

A picture prints from an inkjet printer onto canvas. After that, this picture gets stretched onto a suitable frame. Even, customers have different kinds of an option of print like; if any person doesn’t need fame border then he/she can take framed canvas prints. In the unframed canvas print, experts use a special technique called gallery wrapping. In this process, experts wrap the canvas around the stretcher bars and easily frame it. Even, they do everything securely, epically at the time of framing because all the pictures are unique. In addition to this, it made up of strong and durable fabric, which created with the hemp. In the past time, people used to make the canvas with the help of cotton and linen but hemp makes this work quite easy.

Moreover, the major difference between canvas and framed prints is that canvas’s image prints are permanent. Even they are lightweight as compare to the framed once. On the other hand, others are heavy because of frames. Consequently, they are quite complicated to hand on the wall.

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