Brief History of the “Hang” Instrument?

The Hang instrument, commonly called as just “the Hang,” is a type of musical instrument that falls under the idiophone class, and was created by both Swiss musicians Sabina Schärer and Felix Rohner and in their home town of Bern, Switzerland. Both Schärer and Rohner wanted to make a new instrument that was easy to make and was able to make idiophonicsounds that would go along with their music. You can find more info about them on their official website.Their efforts paved the way towards the development of the Hang instrument, with which they mass produced and turned into a business. They went on to establish their own musical instrument-producing company that highlights the production of the Hang instrument.

An Overview of the Hang Instrument

It its simplest terms, the hang instrument is actually just a form of a hanging drum, but its components are not made of a typical drum. The hang is made out of a specific variety of steel, making it look like a floating gong-like instrument. It produces elegant sounds that would complement other instruments.The Hang is made up of two shells of a chemical-induced type of steel, which is connected together to make a gong-like shape, with the inside being hollow, which is the origin of its amazing sound. The original makers of the Hang intended to make the instrument UFO-shaped since they believe that its shape can further intensify the sound that it produces.

How to Play the Hang?

Unlike the typical drum of today, the hang is a versatile instrument, in that it can be played by either using a drum stick, or using your bare hands. Most people would prefer using their hands since they can adjust the tempo, but some would also like to use the drumstick for more sharpness.

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